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Recruiting employees with job experience

Please check current recruitment notices in order to apply for a position.
Applicants' resumes will be reviewed when there is a job opening.

  • 01 Apply for job

    Fill out online application form for job posting appearing in recruitment notices.

    Download application form for relevant position and send via email.

  • 02 Application
  • 03 Job interview

    Interview to assess applicant's work experience relevant to the position

  • 04 Final interview+ written test

    Interview with top management

    HR personality assessment test will be given to candidate on the same day

  • 05 Signing of job

    Physical checkup administered before signing on the job contract

    Orientation and training

Entry-level positions

Please check current recruitment notices in order to apply online for a position.
Potential candidates will be assessed through a written test that can vary according to job opening.

  • 01 Apply for job

    Fill out online application for available positions

  • 02 Application
  • 03 Written test

    CJ Group personality assessment test and job skill test

  • 04 Interview with
    focus on work

    Additional interview to assess relevant skills

  • 05 Internship +
    Final interview

    Only pertaining to specialized skills required for internship (PD, design, digital development and etc.)

    Internship duration may vary according to position

  • 06 Signing of job

    Orientation and

  • For further questions on available position, please contact us via e-mail. (
  • People with disabilities or have family members who served with distinguished military records will receive favorable treatment.
  • Hiring can be withdrawn if applicant is found to have fabricated facts in educational background and/or work experience.
  • All applications will only be used for assessing skills relevant to each job opening and will be deleted within 90 days after the position has been filled. Applicants can request the return of their job applications.